Community is hard. How do we speak and interact with people who have radically different beliefs? How do we find common ground with others whose experiences are unknown to us? How do we coexist with or protect ourselves from those who may actively want to harm us?

I do not have answers to these questions, but I am searching. I do know that before humans ever entered the stage, there existed the most diverse and intricately organized community you can imagine. Species co-evolving, living in balance, hurting and thriving together. I look at Oregon's first community of plants, animals, and insects for cues on how to approach the unknown, how to exist with contradiction and nuance, how to revel in difference, and flourish despite hardship. I make art that draws attention to the threads holding us all together, to the unique qualities that each member of a community defines themselves by, and to the living monuments of self-preservation all around us.