On Getting Started

It’s February, and where I am, the ground is perpetually soggy and my shoes are never quite dry, and many days rumble from mid-morning to evening without ever brightening above a dull gray. These are the days where my productivity slowly grinds to a long halt, new ideas slow to a trickle, and forward motion some days feels out of reach. New Year’s resolutions start to feel laughable, like a text you sent to a crush in a moment of boldness and now seems like a really, really embarrassing idea in the harsh light of reality. All those new projects you were going to start! Didn’t you know how cold it was going to be? Why didn’t you factor in seasonal affective disorder?? You dummy!! 2019 is already a waste!!!

Okay, hold up. 

Starting new things is hard. Especially when the weather outside is gross. Give yourself a break, pal. That shame isn’t helping anyone! Why don’t you take a deep breath? 

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Cara McFetridge