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Hi, i'm cara.

I was raised in the sprawl of Atlanta, Georgia, where I spent my childhood drawing, running barefoot through the trees behind my house, and bringing my stuffed animals outside to live in their "natural habitat." When I turned 20 I headed west for open spaces and now live in Salem, Oregon with my husband Christopher and my cat Alyosha. I studied art and horticulture in school, and was fascinated by my plant identification classes and entomology labs.

Before I moved away from home, my medium of choice had been chalk pastels, which tend to be very messy. In search of a more portable and tidy craft, I bought an embroidery kit off of Etsy in 2014. I had learned the basics as a young girl, but never came back to it. But now--I loved the texture and the permanence of it. I also found that the tactile nature and repetitiveness of motion had a therapeutic effect, and I leaned into it. I started making my own patterns, incorporating the things I was learning from school, from my entomologist coworkers, and from my friends who had grown up in Oregon's forests.

Sewing and needlework has an important place in every culture, and for me (and many other people), it's something that my mother taught me, and her mother taught her. I have found a lot of joy in being a part of a legacy, and using my own skill to teach this art form to others.